well this is awkward


well this is awkward

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And unless it’s the Danish girl who’s dropped out of that flat share I could continue trying to learn Spoken Danish…


the cucumber saga

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"I didn’t have social media before; I got a twitter account for the show. I wanted to be a part of it I knew that it was important and a way to reach out to people and get that feedback. It’s a big part of it now because you get to see that instant feedback of how the show is being taken in and it’s been crazy. We’ve gotten fan art, blogs, apparently fan fiction that I have yet to read. But absolutely I think it’s a huge, huge factor in how the show’s been doing. I don’t think we would have known how big it’s gotten if it weren’t for social media and that online presence."

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@plumey like my rational side knows that and it like duh they don’t care they just want to fill the room, but my like socially anxious side like analyses every single moment and like I even get anxiety over sending an email and sometimes it’ll take me days to reply because of it. But I’m going to do it, just need to figure out a way or saying, hi remember me without sounding wierd or like whatever

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@jas & plumey (because on my iPad and can’t copy the comments easily)

Okay I will but like I don’t want to seem crazy eager like you know? Like and I don’t want to annoy them if they don’t want me (which is literally one of the main reasons I don’t talk to someone even friends is because I don’t want to annoy them - but then if the urge to tell them something is more than that anxiousness then I’ll say it but still) hmm okay, I’ll email them when I go upstairs to my laptop,

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Omg okay so the first flat I had seen online that I really wanted to stay in because it’s in the perfect area a relatively cheap price for the area nice amount of flat mates with a nice gender/age/nationality spread has just appeared again online after like two months and I’m like… . .do I email them again? I mean they said the room had been taken and they doubt it would be free again but it is and I’m like I should go for it. But I don’t want to seem too keen because they only posted it an hour ago .hmm…do I email them?